Why an adhesive is a necessary thing?

Due to unstable climatic conditions, unproductive expenses of PPP and environmental threats, farmers are forced to adapt to a new approach to the use of plant protection products. Nowadays the prolongation of pesticides action, savings on PPP and increasing of their effectiveness have become priority issues. In this context, progressive farmers increasingly apply adjuvants and adhesives by adding them to tank mixes in order to fix plant protection products on the leaf and prevent them from dripping.

Especially popular are biological adhesives, which contain a complex of biopolymers of natural origin such as products of microorganisms. The most popular among those produced in Ukraine is the well-known Liposam, manufactured by BTU-CENTER - the only manufacturer in Ukraine, recognized by The International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association (IBMA). It is for the development of Liposam that the Company was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

What is Liposam?

People's love for this preparation is provided by the unique spatial configuration of macromolecules of biopolymers, which forms a microscopic mesh on the leaf surface. The mesh gently covers the plant, retaining its moisture and not hindering the growth and development of the plant. Liposam forms this mesh and fix it on the plant in 15-30 minutes.

Due to the elastic biopolymer mesh, Liposam:

• Fixes PPP on the surface of the leaf and prevents them from dripping
• Removes surface tension and changes the viscosity of the solution, facilitating the penetration of the active substance into the plant
• Preserves the wax layer of the lea
• Protects the plant from sunburn
• Inhibits excessive evaporation of moisture

PPP fixation on the leaf

The use of Liposam as an adhesive helps to retain and prolong the action of PPP on the plant surface for up to 20-30 days. Due to the better spreading of the solution on the leaf surface, the active substance is fixed better on the surface, regardless of whether it is smooth ortomentous.


This is achieved due to the exopolysaccharide, which is the basic ingredient of the preparation. The specific branched structure of the polysaccharide allows it to be fixed on the plant surface, and the presence of active functional groups provides fixation and retention of PPP and nutrients in direct contact with plant cells, preventing their dripping and prolonging their effect.

Spreading of the solution and protection against burns 

Numerous studies and practices have shown that under the same spraying conditions, a drop of solution with Liposam, which falls on the plant surface, occupies an area 1.2-2 times larger than any other solution without the preparation. At the same time, the height of the drop decreases by 10-30%, depending on the concentration of the solution and the size of the drop. Such spreading of the solution on the leaf not only improves the contact of the working solution with the plant, but also prevents sunburn, which can be caused by a lenticular drop.

Penetration of the active substance into the plant 

Unlike synthetic adhesives, which damage the waxy surface of the leaf, Liposam® acts gently without damaging this natural shell, making plants less vulnerable to diseases. This is possible because the preparation contains fractions of neutral low molecular weight polymers and their decomposition products. They stimulate the penetration of nutrients introduced with fertilizers into the plant body without destroying the upper protective layer of the leaf.

Anti-stress properties

Diseases and pests, uncontrolled use of pesticides, unbalanced fertilizers, and deviations from optimal values of air temperature and soil moisture are common causes of stress for agricultural plants. Liposam® helps to relieve stress on cultivated plants due to the exopolysaccharides -  the basic ingredients of Liposam®. When getting in contact with leaves or root mass this compounds boost the activity of those enzymes that trigger the process of enhancing protective reactions in plants. Biopolymers have specific properties that regulate the processes of growth and development of plants. As a result, under the effect of Liposam, the growth processes of roots and aboveground vegetative mass can increase by 12-15%.

Moreover, being a product of agronomically valuable microorganisms, this bioadhesive acts as an additional source of plant nutrition.

Solution preparation and storage conditions

Liposam® is active in a wide range of temperatures (from 5 °C to 40 °C) and compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and biological products. The main thing is to follow the instructions when preparing the working solution: first, add chemicals, micro-, macronutrients, etc. to the tank mixture, then a prepared Liposam® solution, and after thorough mixing, add biological preparations. Liposam® is stored in hermetically closed container at a temperature of 0° to 20 °C. Any standard equipment can be used for treatment of planting material and spraying vegetative plants.

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