Note to agronomist or its time to take care of the next year harvest

Korsun Svitlana
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Grains are already ripe. Rows of corn and sunflower lined up orderly in fields. It soon will be time to harvest rape. One of the most responsible periods of the year for the agronomist is coming, when it is necessary to take care of timely and qualitative harvesting of agricultural crops, and to lay the ground for optimal nutrients status for plants in the coming year.

First of all winter crops. For a good start, these plants need a sufficient number of basic nutrients as early as in autumn.

Until recently, the main goal in crop production was to obtain as much crop production as possible and to protect the crop by any means. However, due to the negative effect of such an approach on natural ecosystems, it has been replaced by an integrated fertilizer and plant protection system over the past decades. Its purpose is the maximum protection of crop and provision of a rational nutrients status by combining chemical and biological agents. Along with the achievement of high efficiency in planting, such an approach is aimed at reproduction of soil fertility, including its biological potential, as well as minimization of damage to the natural environment and human health.

In this context, one of the irreplaceable assistants of the agronomist is the soil biological fertilizer GROUNDFIX. Its action is aimed mainly at the rational regulation of phosphoric-potassium nutrition of plants.

Application of the GROUNDFIX provides:

■      improved nutrition of plants at all stages of their growth and development due to the efficient use of phosphorus and potassium resources of soil and nitrogen of the atmosphere;
■      increase in the factor of assimilation of nutrients from phosphoric-potassium mineral fertilizers by plants;
■      increased stress tolerance of plants in conditions of drought, temperature fluctuations, wind load, man-made contamination;
■      facilitation of the general soil improvement.

The mechanism of GROUNDFIX action is that the complex of bacteria contained in the product enriches the soil of the root zone of plants, producing such specific organic compounds as carboxylic acids, amino acids, polypeptides, polysaccharides, enzymes, phytohormones, antibiotics. Bacteria of the product by enhancing each other, contribute to:

■      transfer into a soluble form of phosphates fixed in calcium phosphate (Ca3(PO4)2);
■      stimulation of chelation and release of retrograded phosphorus fixed by secondary minerals of hydroxides of silicon, iron, aluminum, manganese in a crystalline form;
■      release of potassium from hydrocarbons and minerals of the montmorillonite group;
■      increased silicon mobility and access to plants;

Improving the soil structure, its air and moisture content.

Thanks to the active and harmonious activity of microorganisms in the root zone of plants: 

■      energy of seed propagation and plant immunity increase;
■      development of the root system and photosynthetic apparatus accelerates;
■      stress tolerance of the plant organism to biotic and abiotic factors improves;
■      availability and speed of access to the plant organism of the main nutrients from fertilizers and soil, as well as atmospheric nitrogen increase. 


Kyiv region, Stavyshche village, 2018

Crop: Sunflower
Hybrid: Rocky
Soil: Low-humus typical chornozem
Predecessor: winter wheat.
Application: pre-planting, soil treatment

Control: 29.7 c/ha
Experiment (GROUNDFIX 5 l/ha): 34.7 c/ha
Yield to control: +5.0 c/ha

GROUNDFIX is particularly efficient in high and very high levels of phosphorus and potassium in humus-rich soils and soils with high levels of glyphosate fraction. On the soils of light granulometric composition and with an acidic reaction of the medium, when pH value is lower than 5.0-5.5, together with GROUNDFIX (at a dose of 3-5 l/ha), it is proposed to use HUMIFRIEND (1 - 1, 5 l/ha).

When the soil lacks in nutrients, fertilizers can not be avoided. However, we note that application of GROUNDFIX enhances the efficiency of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers by 20-30%, depending on the soil type and its granulometric composition, which gives the owners the opportunity to save resources.

One of the positive product characteristics is its prolonged action. That is, microorganisms provide an increase in mobile phosphates and potassium in the adjacent zone of plants during the entire vegetation period.

Table 1. Economic efficiency of application of GROUNDFIX

 Crop        Average yield
     Average increase
     Treated area  
     Sunflower      2,3      0,45      15 000
     Corn       7,8      0,60      10 000
     Soybean       2,6      0,35      3 000
     Winter grain      4,0      0,35      6 000
     Winter rape      2,7      0,40      2 000
     Σ      36 000

1 - average yield is determined by the State Statistics Service;
2 - average increase is determined by BTU-CENTER on the basis of researches conducted in 2016-2018;
3 area treated in 2018: 36,000 ha

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