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The concentrated preparation specially developed for decomposition of after-harvesting residues of corn, sunflower and other agricultural crops, improvement of soil and prevention of its degradation

Application effect :

  • effectively decomposes crop residues;
  • increases soil biological activity;
  • improves the soil and prevents its degradation;
  • viability of microorganisms is not reduced when applied with pure UAN;
  • increases the crop yield;
  • effect of the preparation is noticeable after a month;
  • has a positive aftereffect.
  • has a high concentration of agronomically valuable microorganisms;
  • microorganisms are resistant in conditions of water deficit;
  • has high stability when applied in a wide temperature range.

Intended use:

  • after harvesting cereal, technical and other crops for treatment of soil and crop residues in order to accelerate their decomposition;
  • inhibition of the growth of phytopathogens, neutralization of phytotoxins and improvement of soil biological activity;
  • improvement of soil physical and agrochemical parameters.

Method of application:

  • when applied in integrated farming, it is recommended to add nitrogen-containing water-soluble fertilizers to the tank mixture at the rate No.5-15;
  • in organic farming, it is recommended to add Humifriend to the tank mixture at the rate of 0.5-1.0 l/ha;
  • it is preferable to carry out treatment in the morning or in the evening in calm weather!

Recommended application rates in integrated and organic farming

Crop or treated object

Ecostern, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha





Cereals, technical




Green manure




Fallen leaves of fruit trees directly in the garden during leaf fall



Shake the biopreparation thoroughly before use; then the application rate of the preparation is dissolved in the required volume of water! The working solution of the preparation should be prepared before the treatment and used for 4 hours!


Fungi and bacteria that accelerate the decomposition of crop residues, antagonists of pathogenic microorganisms, viable cells of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Azotobacter, Enterobacter, Enterococcus and fungi Trichoderma lignorum, Trichoderma viride, the total number of viable cells 2.5109 CFU/cm3.


1 l, 5 l, and 10 l.

Storage conditions:

Storage conditions: Store in a sealed package, in a dark place.

Shelf life:

12 months at 4 C to 10 C or 6 months at 10 C to 15 C.

The state registration certificate: A No. 04385

Certificate of registration