Welcome to No-till tour 2021!

Join us at 2 days event NO-TILL TOUR 2021!

WHY TO GO: The event will be interesting for both beginners and advanced farmers. Tour participants will visit fields where the soil hasn't been cultivated for 4-20 years.

WHAT TO SEE: fields of winter wheat applied with Azotohelp, Liposam, Mycohelp; Sclerocid and organic-mineral fertilizers HelpRost. Fields of corn and sunflower with application of Mycofriend-t. Possibly, we will see fields with implementation of biodestructor Organic Balance No-Till, mycorhizal product Mycofriend and phosphorus mobilizer Organic Balance Monophosphorus.

WHERE: Ukraine. PJSC "Agro-Soyuz", KFH "Anastasia", PSP "Edelweiss-2" (Dnipropetrovsk oblast), FH "Condor S." (Mykolayiv region)

WHEN: May 25-26, 2021

COST: 3500 UAH/per, includes transfer during the tour and lunches

+38 097 656 52 82, Oleksandra Romankova (Agro-Soyuz) Агро-Союз Проекты
+38 050 963 90 71, Olena Inozemtsva (BTU-CENTER)

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