We would like to invite you to the conference on plant nutrition and innovative agrotechnological solutions

Dear farmers, we would like to invite you to take part in the conference "Plant nutrition. Innovative agrotechnological solutions".

Date: January 27-28, 2021
Location: Kyiv, Ramada Encore hotel

The conference is dedicated to the efficient plant nutrition technologies and modern methods of profitable production in various climatic zones.

Volodymyr Krut - Senior Microbiologist of the INSTITUTE OF APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY will give a talk on how microorganisms increase the efficiency of the application of fertilizers in soil.

Conference program:

🔹 FreeFarm project as a strategy for efficient nutrition in different climatic zones

🔹 Plant nutrition and vegetation development management as an effective response to the environment challenges

🔹 Liquid fertilizers as an objective reality of sustainable production

🔹 Soil as a productivity basis: different approaches to the cultivation

🔹 Systems that increase profitability: Precision Planting equipment 

🔹 Field practices for implementing FreeFarm technologies during the remarkably difficult 2020 year

During the conference, American and Ukrainian experience in implementing belt-feeding technology for crops during the abnormal climate changes will be reviewed in detail.

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Looking forward to seeing you at the conference! You'll find it interesting!

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