More and more farmers are turning their attention to biologicals and switch from an entirely chemical to integrated farming system.

There are several reasons for this: growth of awareness of farmers, change of approach from the consumer use of natural resources to responsible farming, legislative issues (the EU adopted several laws that restrict the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers). Moreover, due to growing of natural gas prices the prices for mineral fertilizers have increased accordingly. In this case biologicals may become economically viable alternatives.

In general, the switch from the conventional to integrated and biological farming should be gradual and comprehensive. BTU-CENTER practices individual approach to each field, depending on growing conditions, treatment technology, soil conditions, the intensity of crop rotation. We recommend different solutions for each case.

For example, ECOSTERN is a biological fertilizer for the effective decomposition of crop residues, in particular heavy-decaying plants and soil health. It contains the effective factor - spores and mycelium of fungi Trichoderma, as well as a set of spores and live cells of natural cellulose-destroying bacteria. Total number of viable cells from 2.5×109 CFU/cm3. The preparation is registered in Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Also, the preparation is approved for organic farming. This is confirmed by Input list for organic farming in Germany.

AZOTOHELP has already gained its popularity in Europe, as well as in Ukraine. Azotohelp is a biostimulant based on N-fixing bacteria Azotobacter chroococcum. Total number of viable cells from 1,0×109 CFU/cm3. Azotohelp actively fixes the molecular atmospheric nitrogen and enriches the soil up 60 kg/ha (average — 20 kg/ha).

The number of field and scientific trials has proved the biostimulant's effectiveness. For example, in summer 2021 in Rütenbrock, Germany, Azotohelp was applied with potato tubers before planting, application rate – 0,5 l/t. The results showed that the yield of potato treated with Azotohelp was 4,9 t/ha higher than control. In addition, the starch content also was 2,55 t/ha higher. Moreover, the farmer noted the better health of plants treated with Azotohelp during the growing season. Azotohelp is registered in Germany, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. And It is approved for organic farming. This is confirmed by Input list for organic farming in Germany, as well.

GROUNDFIX is a biofertilizer for PK-mobilization and N-fixation. Application for cultivation on sunflower at the rate of 3 l/ha provided an increase of 300 kg/ha, 5 l/ha – 500 kg/ha, and 8 l/ha – 1 t/ha, along with application of NPK, but at the reduced rate by 30 %. The effect on corn is also visible.

Groundfix contains the effective factor - cells of bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium var. phosphaticum, Azotobacter chroococcum, Enterobacter, Paenibacillus polymyxa. Total number of viable cells from (0,5 - 1,5) ×109 CFU/cm3. Groundfix is registered in Austria, Moldova, Serbia, Russia and Slovakia, and confirmed for organic farming, as well. Read more about Groundfix.

RIZOLINE is a soil amendment for legumes, registered in the EU and confirmed by the main organic certification authorities - FiBL, Demeter International, Bioland, Naturland and others. Rizoline is registered in Germany, Russia and Moldova. Rizoline contains strains symbiotic to main leguminous crops Bradyrhizobium, Rhizobium, etc.

More than 600 000 ha of arable land worldwide have already been treated with Rizoline. The average extra yield after use is +3.5 c/ha.

MYCOFRIEND is a complex mycorrhizal product that promotes mycorrhiza formation. Due to its effectiveness, the biopreparation has gained popularity in Ukraine and in the EU, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. It contains a complex of mycorrhiza forming fungi - Glomus, Trichoderma; microorganisms supporting formation of mycorrhiza and plant rhizosphere: Streptomyces sp., Pseudomonas Fluorescens; phosphate-mobilizing bacteria: Bacillius Megaterium var. phosphaticum, Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Muciloginosus, Enterobacter sp, total number of viable cells (1.0-1.5) x108 CFU/ml.

The preparation is registered in the EU, and may be used for organic agriculture. The biological is available in liquid and peat-based formulations with identical composition and titer to improve application manufacturability.

LIPOSAM is a unique biological adhesive agent that prevents the washing of nutrients, biostimulants and plant protection products from the surfaces and enhances plant resistance to stress factors. The biopreparation is an ecologically pure product based on a complex of natural polymers produced with microorganizms. LIPOSAM is allowed for organic farming.

Laboratory studies of the retention capacity during phosphorus as indicative active substance flushing showed the high effectiveness of the preparation.

Five different crops were studied: tobacco, sunflower, corn, cabbage and apple. The effectiveness of Liposam applications was from 92% to 500%.

For example, 60 minutes after washing off, the apple fruit treated with Liposam contained 24% an active substance while untreated fruit only 4%. The overall increase in phosphorus as an indicative active substance was 500%. Read more about studied results and Liposam features.

Liposam is registered in Germany.

ORGANIC-BALANCE – biopreparation for growth stimulation and stress management.

The biopreparation is based on living bacteria such as: nitrogen-fixing bacteria which provide plants with nitrogen, phosphorus- and potassium-mobilizing bacteria which transform compounds difficult for assimilation in accessible for plants forms. ORGANIC-BALANCE is registered in Serbia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

COMPONAZA is biological for accelerated compost formation. It creates a favourable microflora, eliminates odour, and enriches the soil with nutrients. Biopreparation increases soil fertility and improves its biological activity. It contains viable, effective bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Rodex, fungi of the genus Trichoderma and others. Total number of viable cells from 1.0-109 CFU/cm3. The product is registered in Serbia.

BTU-CENTER offers farmers not just preparations, but solutions and opportunities so that, as a result, they get both additional profits and benefits to the ecosystem. Biological preparations improve biota's condition in the soil, allowing the plant to withstand challenges better. There is no resistance to biologicals.

The role of microbials is underestimated. The use of biopreparations is the most affordable and economically feasible tool for soil enrichment, plant nutrition and stimulation. Moreover, it is always a contribution to yields!

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