This article describes how the Ukrainian microbial preparations work in field

BTU-CENTER Company is the undisputed leader in production of a wide range of biopreparations for agriculture. High level of professionalism, modern scientific production facilities allow us to respond efficiently to growing demands of agricultural producers, bringing new products to the market and implementing modern technologies. Grateful agricultural producers are ready to share their reviews and results of use of the BTU-Center products.

Volodymyr Fantukh, Director of the Department for Crop Production in the Agrodim Group of companies, PhD. in Agricultural Sciences

We use a lot of BTU-CENTER products. In particular, the inoculants, both liquids and powders. We have developed our own technology for their application, adding them directly in the flow of seeds during sowing, and have great results.

It is difficult to work without surface-active agents that should remove the film from plants and improve permeability of the preparations into them. And we used sticking agents of chemical origin. But at one point we have tried a carrier-sticking agent Liposam. Due to its organic origin, the preparation has reduced the stress from application of chemicals and improved fungicidal and herbicidal action. Since then, we use Liposam constantly, at each treatment. We apply it at the rate of 100 g/ha per 100 l of water as recommended and see benefits from it.

We use only that sticking agents of chemical origin that contain adjuvants. We are completely satisfied with the quality and price of Liposam. It can be easily combined with almost all the necessary preparations in tank mixtures. I do not know any contra-indications and see only benefits.

Our portfolio of plant protection preparations includes about 70 agents. And all of them we use with Liposam, except for minor specific cases. Each tank mixture for all crops includes this preparation. Just take a look at the wheat protection scheme: we use Liposam at every stage, starting with seed treatment and then at each treatment. And we have about five fungicidal treatments for these crops. Here you can see that the technological chart of cultivation includes Organic-Balance and Azotofit, as well. We have our own proved technology. For example, we can apply small doses of the preparations and use morning dew, drizzle.

This spring some stressful situations have occurred with the wheat crops in connection with frost in Chernihiv region, and we have used STOP STRESS program: mixture of Liposam, Organic-Balance, and Azotofit. We have noticed improvements - you can see the state the field was on the 12th May. Therefore, we have applied it on other fields. In result the yield from the field that you have seen in the picture was 66.29 metric centner/ha, and from the other field 66.19 metric centner/ha.

In addition, we use biodestructor for after-harvesting residues decomposition Ecostern. If previously you had something to prove to the agronomist, to convince that a preparation really works well, now he sees it himself. This biodestructor decomposes plant residues in the best way.

Oleksandr Maleonchuk, Chairman of the scientific-research farming of Ye.I. Kolachai, tw. Ustyluh, Volyn region

We have been cooperating with BTU-CENTER for more than five years, and I really enjoy our cooperation. Yes, there were the years when there was no visible effect, and I thought that maybe I was wrong. Maybe it would be easier to buy 2 tons of mineral fertilizers. But during this period we have used the biopreparations of different purposes for different cultures on all fields. And I will say that, for example, this challenging year we have received an increase in yields. And in general, in recent years, we have an average increase about 10 metric centner/ha in the grain yields. We receive steadily about 2 t/ha of soybean, and taking into account the fact that we have the early maturing varieties and early harvest time, it is a good indicator. And this result is not just the efforts of our employees, but 20-30% of the result is provided by the preparations of the BTU-CENTER company.

This is not advertising, it is reality. I have found confirmation that the preparations work. This year BTU-CENTER has proposed to add a new preparation Mycofriend, and to continue experiments with Groundfix. I have a very poor field with a humus content of 0.9 at pH 5.5; I do not remember when it was fertilized last time. We sowed it very early, in March, and treated all winter crops with Organic Balance, Liposam and carbamide. We have made the experiments with the above preparations, as well as with micronutrients Helprost Cereals. And then there was a cold snap in April. And we had also control fields without any treatment. And I noticed at the patches, where we applied the preparations of BTU-Center, the wheat had not stopped growing and the growth was about 5 cm, although we did not add any fertilizer... The effect was rather evident. And then we made the following treatments, we saw that plants easily survived the stress. We received 4.2 t/ha from the poor field, which was treated with the preparations, and 3.3 t/ha from the control field.

From the line of preparations I have tried, Groundfix is essential; Organic-Balance has no equal... And I also like Azotofit very much. I had an area with hilly terrain, sown late; the wheat was behind in the growing season. I applied Azotofit, a neighbor saw and asked: How many centners of saltpetre did you add here? Not at all, only 0.5 l/ha of Azotofit! And the result was perfect. In addition to the increased yield, we have got 2nd class of wheat.

We sow the usual soybean of the Ukrainian selection, and it takes a considerable chemical load. I didnt treat one part of the field with the preparations of BTU-Center - and the difference in the yield was 6 metric centners.

Generally we use different schemes. I really like: Organik-Balance, Helprost Soybeans, Groundfix, Azotofit Mycofriend, Humifriend, and Liposam is irreplaceable.

I want to try these preparations under intensive technology. This year all the seeds of winter crops were treated with Liposam, Organic-Balance and Helprost Seeds. We consistently order the liquid inoculant; this year for half of the area we will order the bioinoculants Rizoline-r + bioprotector Rizosave-r.

We dont have less than 38% of protein in soybeans. And these indicators are obtained without fertilizers. We reduced application of chemicals by 25% on the fields treated with the preparations of BTU-Center, but efficiency has not decreased. We have improved the state of the farming. And I really want to thank the company that it supports, trusts, and provides us with all new products for testing.

Svitlana Puzniak, Deputy Director on scientific work of Volyn state agricultural station, PhD in Biology

Our station has been working with the preparations of BTU-Center for four years. First, we tried some separate preparations and tested them on various crops, analyzing their effect in combination. The last two years we have been already working on improving crop production in our area using the preparations of BTU-Center.

They have a complex effect on soil and crop, development of yield and its class, plant protection from pests and diseases. We conducted the study, the results of which were demonstrated to our producers on the Field Days. There is great interest in them from farmers, and even large holdings.

For now we have developed in cooperation with the specialists of BTU-Center the technology of potato cultivation using the biopreparations, cereal crops, both winter and spring, corn, soybeans. In particular, soybean is a new crop for our area and considering the climate change, selection of varieties and farming machinery, we have managed to achieve very high yields both in the center of Ukraine and in the East. It was achieved due to the comprehensive approach: seeds treatment, nutrition during the growing season, working with soil, because there are such preparations as Organic-Balance, biodecomposer Ecostern, which improve its microflora, and micronutrients Helprost. And we were wondering how they would work in case of foliar feeding. We analyzed, compared with the control plot, with other options and were pleasantly surprised. This symbiosis of microorganisms with chelate complexes has a very positive effect on the cell membrane. Due to the improvement of biological processes and activity of chloroplasts, the appetite of plants increases. Hence we see the efficiency.

Full name, Chief Agronomist of PE Western Agricultural Company, Volynsk region

In 2017 we had such a situation that there was a hail after sowing corn. We already decided to re-sow, and the specialists of the company BTU-Center, with which the farming has been cooperating for about five years, advised us to use the program STOP Stress. It includes use of Azotfit, which we applied at the rate 0.3 l/ha, Organic-Balance - 0.6 l/ha and Liposam - 0.3 l/ha. The corn yield on the plots where we had applied the program STOP Stress was much higher.

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