The Ukrainian inoculant was registered in the EU for the first time

The inoculant Rizoline produced by the domestic company BTU-Center became the first and only Ukrainian inoculant to be officially registered in the European Union. It was recognized by the EU key organic certification bodies – FiBL, Demeter International, Bioland, Naturland, etc. The product has passed multi-level testing in the accredited EU laboratories, research institutions and farms in Germany and France. The inoculant has been on the Ukrainian market for almost 6 years, its effectiveness has been confirmed in 145 field studies in 10 countries.

Registration in the European Union and recognition of its quality by the key certification bodies for organic farming is another proof that Ukraine can produce world-class quality products. And we at BTU-Center once again prove this. Our technologies are unique in the world. Microbial preparations produced by BTU-Center are used in Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia and other countries of the world. We are one of the 25% largest producers of biotechnologies for agriculture in the world and do everything possible to offer farmers cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions that show results,” says the General Director of the group of companies BTU-Center, PhD in Agriculture, Vladyslav Bolokhovskyi.

BTU-Center constantly monitors the quality of inoculants in accordance with the requirements of ISO-9001, according to which each stage of the product development is monitored and reports are made for each stage. Microbiologists throughout the entire manufacturing process monitor the purity of the culture, its authenticity, because this is the only way to guarantee the product with the strain that was taken from the museum at the beginning. This also makes it possible to maintain a high concentration of microorganisms not only when the product leaves the factory, but also to ensure a high titer on seeds in the field.

Rhizoline® is an inoculant with a high concentration of four strains of the symbiotic bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum. The composition is adapted to various soil and climatic conditions, which provides better nitrogen fixation and increased yield, improves the agrochemical and physical parameters of the soil and provides plants with growth-stimulating substances. Treatment is carried out 7 days before sowing when used together with the protector Rizosave®, which is supplied with the inoculant.

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