Dear partners and friends!

Thank you so much for supporting us and Ukraine in this challenging time; each of your words, posts on social networks, explaining the real situation for other people helps us to endure this difficult time.

❗️These days the situation is hazardous and hard.
The attack on Ukraine by Russian army has been lasting for three days already. Russia is still attacking Ukraine both in air and in land. Russia troops are supported by Belorus and special forces from Chechnya. Attacks are everywhere in Ukraine. The Chornobyl Nuclear Plant is under their control, as well.

This war isn´t only against Ukraine - this war is against international law, democracy, peace and life.

The second front is information.
There is a lot of misinformation on the web produced by Russians. They try to spread lies and propaganda about the Ukrainian government and President among other political leaders to justify their actions.

Please use only official sources to read the actual news, and share only proven information about the current situation in Ukraine.

Here is the list of different official sources of information in English:

⚡️ Twitter:

🥊 Volodymyr Zelenskyi (President of Ukraine, posts both in Ukrainian and English)

🥊 Dmytro Kuleba (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posts both in Ukrainian and English)

🥊 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament of Ukraine)

⚡️ Important information:

🥊 President’s Address about the second morning of a large-scale war (video in Ukrainian with English subtitles)

🥊 Address of the People’s Deputies of Ukraine:

🥊 Address of Speaker of the Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk to the parliaments and governments of the world on the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine:

⚡️ Websites:

🥊 President of Ukraine:

🥊 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament)

🥊 Ministry of Defence of Ukraine:

💰 To support Ukrainian Army financially:

⚡️ News

🥊 Ukrainska pravda - online news about Ukraine

🥊 Reuters

🥊 BBC and CNN

Please, stay informed, keep us in your prayers. We will appreciate every kind of support in this large-scale war with Russia.

Our partners