Online exhibitions: Pros and Cons for Ukrainian companies

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It is now obvious, that the format of online exhibitions will be developing: the platforms have emerged that offer turnkey-ready solutions for exhibition hosts.

Such solutions already differ a lot: while Biofach is rather an advanced catalogue with additional communication formats, ABIM was more of an exploration videogame, where one can choose a player character, who moves around the 3D area and communicates to other player characters.

Dmytro Yakovenko, the Head of International Sales at BTU-Center, explains his opinion.

“During the past half year BTU-Center’s team participated in online exhibitions twice: Biofach 2021 in February and ABIM 2020 in November before this. Earlier, we visited both fairs offline, and therefore we can compare both the events and the formats” – tells Dmytro Yakovenko.

Among the advantages of the online format he mentions the following. The search of participants is convenient, as all the information is listed in a catalog. The timing is extended: the fair actually lasts longer, which means there is more time to talk to potential partners. The e-booth is scalable: the amount of visitors and negotiations is not limited by the booth space, and each employee registered as a participant has own electronic “communication space”, where they can interact with other participants and visitors.

Economy is important as well: the company doesn’t spend on printing and uses electronic copies of documents. Besides, the online registration cheaper and there are no travelling costs.

“At that, the major drawback is the impossibility to demonstrate the actual products. It is not very critical for us, not so as for machinery manufacturers, because one cannot see microorganisms with a naked eye anyway. But it is unusual and rather inconvenient” mentions Dmytro Yakovenko.

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