BTU-CENTER has been manufacturing and introducing microbial and enzyme preparations for agriculture for 21 years in a row.

Recent trends and initiatives in the world to improve the ecological state of the environment are reflected in the ban of a number of toxic and dangerous chemical plant protection products, as well as in the desire to optimize and reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers. This leads to the increase of the attention of the agricultural industry to the field of biological products.

In order to improve understanding of the potential of biotechnologies in agriculture and popularize their use among farmers, the company together with partners annually holds seminars were BTU-CENTER representatives discuss the ways of agricultural production biologization, new environmental approaches to plant nutrition and protection, and reduction of the chemical load on soil and cultivated plants. During such events, the particular interest is to the mechanisms of the work of microorganisms, their interaction, and the impact of their work on the general ecosystem. Traditionally, the block with speeches by microbiologists has the most questions. - says the Head of International Sales of BTU-CENTER Dmytro Yakovenko. Therefore, it was decided to launch an online training course for modern agronomists Simply about microbes This course is just a squeeze of useful information for farmers about the place of microbial organisms in ecosystems.

The plan of BTU-CENTER scientists is to release monthly several small videos in which problematic issues will be revealed. The course is taught by Vladimir Krut, senior microbiologist at the Institute of Applied Biotechnology. Microbiology is a very complex and interesting science and its importance in agriculture is difficult to overestimate. Soil fertility, nutrition and plant protection depend directly on the activity of soil microorganisms, says Vladimir.

In the first video Who are the microorganisms and where they can be found?, which was recently published on the BTU-CENTER YouTube channel, the complexity and versatility of processes that combine microbiology, ecology, soil and plants into a single system are highlighted in an accessible and perceptible form. By the number of views and comments on videos in various languages, it is already clear that farmers (and not only them!) are very interested. Therefore, we invite everyone to plunge into the mysterious and interesting world of microbiology, along with a fascinating training course for modern agronomists Simply about microbes

In subsequent videos, BTU-CENTER will tell about the ecology of the soil, mycorrhiza, PK-mobilizing bacteria, the anti-stress effect of microorganisms and their effect on plant diseases, the features of the decomposition of plant residues and the compatibility of microbes with chemicals.

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