BTU-CENTER is the first ukrainian company that became a member of the IBMA

BTU-CENTER is the first Ukrainian company that became a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).

IBMA was founded in 1995 in Brighton (England, the United Kingdom). The Association was aimed to represent the interests of manufacturers of biocontrol products in the EU, OECD, FAO and other worldwide organizations. The headquarters of the Association is located in Belgium - in the heart of the European Quarter of Brussels, next to the main government agencies of the EU.

Nowadays IBMA is a global player at the biotechnology market and promotes not only the concept of biological methods of cultivation, but also participates in legislative processes across the European Union and the world, and spreads the knowledge of industry-based know-how. The purpose of the Association is to provide the international market with safe and efficient products for sustainable agriculture.


Membership in the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association is a great honor for us. The delegation of our company attended the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meetings (ABIM), taking place in Basel, Switzerland, three times. When we first came to Basel, no one knew about production and use of biological plant protection products in Ukraine. The Europeans were surprised to discover our production volumes, range, treatment areas, research, development and production facilities. A continued dialogue, experience exchange and examination of particular issues have begun.

We are delighted that our commitment to the high-quality microbiological product and our scientific approach were recognized at the global level - we have been formally recognized as a part of the Worldwide Association. BTU-CENTER is a large-scale production of biological plant protection products around the globe. The enterprise capacity is approximately 10,000 tons of microbiological products per year. Our products are used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and other countries of the world. Within the Association we will be glad to work side by side with like-minded companies, to share knowledge and to create a world worth living in, said the General Director of BTU-CENTER, Vladislav Bolokhovskyi.

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