BTU-CENTER works and continues deliveries to the EU

Dear partners,

February 24, 2022 russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of civilians, including kids, are killed, thousands of houses, hospitals and schools are destroyed as a result of russian missiles attacks.

Both Ukraine and BTU-Center require your support NOW!

How can YOU make an input?

  • Enforce work with Ukrainian companies. In this difficult time export remains one of the important sources of survival
  • Donate to National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) special account to raise funds for Ukraines Armed Forces here
  • Donate to National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) special account for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by russias aggression here

For BTU-CENTER team is crucial to continue cooperation with key partners to ensure stability of the company and safety of its people in this difficult time.

We continue working, despite war. We continue deliveries to the EU.
Our factory is located in Vinnytsia region on the Ukraine-controlled area where is comparatively safe. Our German office continues work, as well.

We keep preparing for the sowing season and form storages with highly effective biologicals. And we need your support to overcome the war.

The situation on the agricultural market of Ukraine is now very difficult. Part of the territory is occupied, hostilities continue, there is shortage of fuel, fertilizers, seeds, etc. In this situation, our team is trying to support the Ukrainian society, people, farmers as best we can.

First of all, by continuing to produce and supply effective biological solutions for farmers in Europe and around the world!

We all pray for Ukraine and the world where there is no place for war and aggression.

Feel free to contact in case you have interest in any of our products. We are ready and willing to serve you!

Our partners