BTU-Center is taking part in the Virtual Summit On Adjuvants And Soil Health!

BTU-Center, as a member of the World Bioprotection Forum, is taking part in the Use of Adjuvants and Soil Health in Agriculture Virtual Summit, which takes place October 12th, 2021. Volodymyr Krut, Chief Microbilogist, will speak about “Microbial polysaccharides as an alternative to chemical adjuvants”.

In the preface article for, a leading online media about the global agricultural business, Volodymyr comments on the importance of choosing the correct adjuvant: “The effect of a safe and organic bioprotector must not be hindered by adding a non-compatible adjuvant to the mixture. The ideal solution would be biological adjuvants, and there are a number of these in development, as we try to develop fully natural solutions for agriculture.”

In his speech at the summit Volodymir will discuss the benefits of BTU-Center’s polysaccharides-based adjuvant, Liposam. "Combining a biopesticide with an exopolysacharides-based adjuvant can prevent active agents from washing off and prolong their effects. Exopolysaccharides have also demonstrated an ability to retain moisture and protect plants from a number of stress factors, including freezing, drought and heat.” – comments Volodymyr for Agropages.

You are welcome to register for the event at this page.

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