BTU-CENTER held the 3rd Meeting with international business partners

BTU-CENTER, a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial products, held the Meeting with international business partners for the third time. At the meeting company's experts and their colleagues from different countries shared their recent experience and discussed possible biotechnological solutions for agriculture during the current season. 

The Meeting with international business partners of BTU-CENTER is an international platform for discussing the search for complete and comprehensive environmental solutions and personalized advices on the biological aspects of agricultural technologies. This year's conference was held online and got together more than 30 participants from 15 countries - Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Israel, Netherlands, Moldova, Romania, North Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. 

The development of industry of biological products in the world and Ukraine was discussed at the meeting. Many business partners were particularly astonished to discover the scale of production and use of biological products in Ukraine, as biological products produced by BTU-CENTER are used on areas of more than 3 million hectares. Moreover, they are integrated into the technology and practice not only by producers of niche and marginal crops, but also into production process of the country's largest agricultural enterprises.
This aspect along with more than 20 years of experience, as well as a wide range of more than 55 products, significant production capacity of 10,000 tons per year, is one of the considerable criteria that precede the beginning of cooperation of foreign distributors with the manufacturer. 

Another trait of trustworthiness of BTU-CENTER is its own Institute of Applied Biotechnology. The institute is an intermediary between the production and company's consultation center. The task of the Institute is not only to analyze the agrochemical and nutritional characteristics of soil samples, to conduct phytopathological and entomologic examination for business partners, but also to conduct an extensive study and research of existing and promising products. Each product undergoes dozens and hundreds of scientific, laboratory and field tests. 

The company's products are certified by the international body Organic Standard and the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) in order to use them in organic farming (for products registered in the EU).
In cooperation with partners at the international market, more than 35 registration procedures for the manufacturer's products are currently in progress.

Today "BTU-CENTER is more than a Ukrainian manufacturer. It is the largest exporter of microbial products in Ukraine. At this point our products are presented in 15 countries around the world and study on the effectiveness is conducted in more than 10 countries. BTU-CENTER is one of the 25% largest manufacturers of biological products in the world. We try to be in step with the time and share our experience in applying biotechnology with the international community. We have a unique support program for business partners: we provide training, conduct joint research, provide ongoing agronomic assistance and marketing support, as we are interested in being the best suppliers and reliable business partners," Dmytro Yakovenko,  Head of International Sales at BTU-CENTER, says.

The conference program was multifaceted and broad-based - issues ranging from marketing during the pandemic and the condition of registration procedures in the EU to actual steps to improve the soil and arrangements for the planting season were discussed. Distributors, agronomists, agricultural chemist, entomologists, microbiologists from around the world discussed both local and global issues and shared their experience based on their markets. 

"It was a constructive discussion. We are grateful to BTU-CENTER for uniting a community of like-minded people who discuss common issues for our markets in the language of agricultural science and facts, the partners from Germany share their experience.
"We are happy that we have found such an outstanding business partner as BTU-CENTER. It is a well-established company and they have a reliable team. In summer during the season it is very difficult to find time for such events, but studying the products and analyzing the experience of business partners are our area of focus. We work in a field where the consistent technical study of products and the availability of an actual evidential base are crucial, so we always respond when BTU-CENTER holds such meetings. Their consistent scientific approach amazes us! says a distributor company from Slovakia.

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