BTU-Center has started the series of webinars for agrarians of 19 countries

BTU-Center traditionally commences every year with a series of trainings for the partners and farmers. Preparing the soil for bearing the future harvest and making sure the seeds are best prepared to germinate are key issues to discuss in the end of winter, as this is when the year already begins for the agrarians. To meet our clients complex needs, we offer combined solutions to each of these issues.

The Healthy Soil program includes products applied to the soil: Ecostern to decompose plant residues, Groundfix to mobilize nutrients, Sclerocid to control white rot and Metawhite to deal with soil pests. The Healthy Start program is about supporting seeds before sowing: Rizoline, Underhiz and Bioinoculant-BTU to create symbiosis with legumes, Mycofriend to develop mycorrhiza in the root system, Organic-Balance and Azotohelp to stimulate germination, Mycohelp, Fitocid and Fitohelp to boost the seeds immune system.

Every year, BTU-Centers employees together with farmers of 20 countries with different climate and soil conditions carry out hundreds of scientific experiments and dozens of field trials - says Dmytro Yakovenko, Head of International Sales at BTU-Center. We research, how the products perform with different plants, how they combine with each other and with the most popular chemicals, what increment they provide separately and in combination, what the optimum application rate is. Our trials database has information about over 2100 trials, we update it every year and gladly share what we have found out.

At the Healthy Soil and Healthy Start webinars, the scientists and practitioners of BTU-Center presented the results of trials for the products of each program and discussed the safe organic ways of soil recovery and seeds preparation.

The webinars, which we hosted in English and in Russian in turn, for the English-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences, enjoyed great interest among over 150 agrarians from 19 countries. We are grateful for the interest and attendance, for the interesting and sometimes tricky questions that show us the direction in which to develop the webinars.

The next topics for webinars, again in English and in Russian, will be helping the seedling and plants to make the best of their potential and environment.

Initially, we didnt plan to distribute the recording, but there have been many requests for it, so if for some reason you were not able to attend, and would like to watch the recording, please, write to us at, we will review each request separately.

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