On October 21, 2021, in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia region, the official opening of the 4th production line took place at BTU-CENTERs factory, one of the 25% largest manufacturers of biological preparations in the world. This will make it possible to increase production capacity and quickly respond to the needs of agricultural producers from Ukraine, Europe, Asia and around the world for microbial preparations.

The companys plant is a high-tech production facility equipped with the latest technical innovations in the field of biotechnology from the best domestic and European manufacturers. After the automation and launch of the 4th fermentation line, the production capabilities increased several times. It is interesting to know that from 1 fermentation process on this line (on average, it takes 36-72 hours), the company receives more than 45 m3 of biological preparations. In general, the factory can produce on average 10,000 tons of finished products per year.

Construction of the plant in Ladyzhyn began in 2011, and since 2017, construction of the 4th production line has been continuing. Over the past year, we have actively conducted tests, worked out technical requirements and adjusted all processes to perfection.

Biological preparations are effective, albeit complex products that require reasonable application and an individual approach. The same applies to the process of their production. To get a high-quality product, we at BTU-CENTER make every effort to meet all technological requirements and choose only the best equipment from global manufacturers,
 said General Director of BTU-CENTER Group, PhD in Agriculture, senior researcher Vladyslav Viktorovich Bolokhovskyi.

Since 2017, re-equipment and automation of production processes at the plant continues. Moreover, our team never stops improving the plant in order to get maximum autonomy and independence. This will allow us to quickly respond to the needs of the market and continuously provide the best microbial preparations to Ukrainian farmers, regardless of any external factors. After all, the technological process of manufacturing biological preparations requires clear actions of both employees and equipment that should run like clockwork,
added Viktor Vasylovych Bolokhovskyi, Production Director of BTU-CENTER and co-founder of the company.

The grand opening was timed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Valentyna Bolokhovska, one of the founders and Director for Prospects and Development of BTU-CENTER. Partners, representatives of specialized organizations, colleagues and friends visited the plant.

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