BTU-Center employees attended the ABIM 2020 international fair

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting is one of the key events for biologicals professionals all over the world. Starting from 2006, researchers, manufacturers, consulters, representatives of the authorities and regulation bodies get together to discuss achievements and challenges, paths of the development of the industry, share experience and present new designs.

The event, that had been supposed to take place in Switzerland, went online because of the COVID-19 pandemics. The halls and stands were all 3D-modelled, and the attendees could choose a virtual representative and move around the halls, meet other visitors, take part in sessions.

Weve been attending the ABIM for 4 years now says Dmytro Yakovenko, Head of International Sales at BTU-Center. This years unusual arrangement surpassed our expectations and turned out to be very effective in terms of networking. Attending different sections, exhibitions and plenary meetings, one could easily identify other virtual attendees. This greatly improved the speed and effect of making connections that could lay the foundations for fruitful cooperation.

Dmytro took part in the virtual IBMA Biocontrol Agents Professional Group Meeting. The colleagues discussed the new order of the EU biopesticides registration, the strategy of manufacturers communication with the regulating authorities, the part of the bioprotection in the organic and integrated agriculture.

The means of biocontrol meet a ready market and have strong prospects on the EU markets, but their registration is over-regulated and this hinders the launch of biological innovations. BTU-Center has a number of proven biological solutions, and we are actively preparing to introduce them to international markets says Dmytro.

The ABIM is hosted by the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association and Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FIBL. BTU-Center is a member of the IBMA since 2019  and takes an active part in the organizations events. FIBL institute has recently confirmed that BTU-Centers Azotohelp  and Rizoline comply with the EU organic agriculture standards.

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