Agricultural events guide: June

Dear Agrarians, Partners and Friends!

We have prepared a brief description of the most interesting Field Days, exhibitions and workshops in June. At each of the events you can get advice from BTU-CENTER agronomists, get acquainted with modern solutions to the problems of agricultural crop protection and nutrition and soil remediation, hear the advice of our specialists in integrated and organic farming.

Thus, in June, find us at the following events.

What: AGRO-2019 Fair.

Where: Kyiv, National Exhibition Center "Expocenter of Ukraine". This year we will find our company in Organic zone, which will be represented by companies whose products are registered as organic. We remind that BTU-CENTER bio-preparations are permitted for use in organic farming, which is confirmed by the international Organic Standard certificate. The Organic Zone is located behind pavilion No. 2.

When: June 4-7, 2019 from 10:00 to 18:00

Why visit: AGRO-2019 is one of the largest agroindustrial exhibitions in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Particular attention is paid to novelties of plant protection and nutrition, agricultural machinery and equipment, high-yielding breeds of domestic animals, modern agrotechnologies for all branches of agriculture. The fair format provides for trade in organic products. During the fair, BTU-CENTER agronomists will show the agrarians 2019 novelties, provide free consultations and inspire you cheerful y and positively!

Where to find out more: in separate news on our website and on the fair website.



What: Round table "Organic production - a priority sector of the Ukrainian agrarian industry"

Where: Kyiv, National Exhibition Center "Expocenter of Ukraine", pavilion 1, Central hall. The event is part of the AGRO-2019 fair

When: June 6, 2019 from 10:00 to 12:30

Why visit: The event will be interesting for all players of the organic movement of Ukraine. During the Round Table, the issue of technological features of crop growing, with compliance with organic standards, fertilization, protection, control, innovative approaches to all stages of production and marketing of organic products will be considered. The event is held jointly with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Where to find out more: At the official website of the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine

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What: Field Day at the Donetsk Research Station of NAAS of Ukraine

Where: Rozlyv village, Velykonovosilkivskyi district, Donetsk region

When: June 11, 2019 from 9:00 to 16:00

Why visit: BTU-CENTER demo sites will demonstrate the influence of mycorrhizable bioprocesses with different application rates on winter wheat, you will be able to get advice from BTU-CENTER agronomists and chat with like-minded people.


What: Field Day at the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Where: Kherson region, Naddnipryanske village

When: June 12 at 9:00

Why visit: At the Field Day of the Field Institute of Irrigated Agriculture, NAAS Ukraine, we will talk about the technologies of growing organic peas, oilseed, millet and winter wheat.

What: Field Day at Buchachagrokhlibprom LLC

Where: Buchach, Ternopil region

When: June 14, 2019

Why visit: At the Field Day, the agrarians will be able to listen to a workshop dedicated to breeding issues, and to see demo crops of wheat varieties of different breeds. BTU-CENTER booth will be represented at the event, where guests of the event will be able to get advice from agronomists on the ecological method of agricultural crop growing - both in combination with chemical PPAs and purely organic ones.

Details: On the website of Buchachagrohlibprom LLC


What: International Field Days in Ukraine

Where: Kyiv region, Doslidnytske village

When: June 19-21, 2019 from 10:00

Why visit: International Field Days is one of the largest agrarian events of the year that gathers leading experts in plant growing and agricultural machinery. BTU-CENTER will present experimental sites using its own preparations in four crops: maize (6 options), sunflower (6 options), soybean (12 options), winter wheat (9 options).

For all interested, during the event BTU-CENTER organizes a visit to the neighboring own BTU-CENTER demo-site, where farmers will be able to see the efficacy of biological products on winter wheat and soybean (BTU-CENTER Field Day "From Chemistry to Organic").

Details: On BTU-CENTER website and the website of the Field Day organizers

What: BTU-CENTER Field Day "From Chemistry to Organics"

Where: Kyiv region, Doslidnytske village

When: June 19-21, 2019 from 10:00

Why visit: BTU-CENTER Field Day "From Chemistry to Organic" is an event that will take place at BTU-CENTER own demonstration site, which is located next to the International Field Days. The agrarians will be able to see demo sites using a technological chart for integrated farming on winter wheat and soybeans. Details of the event will be announced later - follow the news on the website!


What: International Conference on Organic Crop Production on the basis of Agroecology PE (Organizer - Organic Standard)

Where: Poltava, 1/3 Skovorody str. (Poltava State Agrarian Academy)

When: June 20-21, 2019

Why visit: The International Conference on Organic Crop Production is two days devoted to the best practices of growing organic products in Ukraine. The first day is a conference dedicates to the following topics: technologies of grwoing and soil cultivation, green-manure crops, nutrition elements in plants. The second day will be held in the format of a field exhibition, in which BTU-CENTER will demonstrate experimental sites with sunflower seeds, corn and soybeans.

What: Forum on Agrarian Innovations "New Grain" - Nastasiv 2019

Where: Ternopil region, Nastasiv village

When: June 20-21, 2019

Why visit: During the event, farmers will be able to watch a demonstration of agricultural machinery, visit the thematic conferences in the field hall, look at the efficacy of different varieties of grain, leguminous and technical crops in the field and, of course, get advice from BTU-CENTER agronomists on any issues of organic and integrated agriculture.

Details: On the Forum website.


What: XIII Regional Forum "Organic Ukraine"

Where: Cherkasy

When: June 21, 2019

Why visit: The Regional Forum is a meeting place of organic operators of Poltava region with representatives of Organic Ukraine NGO. The agenda includes discussion of the organic production situation and support in the region, training on cultivation technologies that meet the organic production standards (including horticulture), training on support to and certification of organic producers.

Details: On the site of the Organic Ukraine NGO

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