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Multienzymatic composition MEC-BTU

Multienzymatic composition MEC-BTU

high-efficiency complex of pectin-lyase,
macerating, starch-splitting,
proteolytic activity spectrum enzymes


50g, 0.5kg, 2.5kg, 10kg.

Intended use:

enhancement of feed stuff and fodder mixtures (for cattle and poultry feeding) nutrients digestion and assimilation by high roughage-content diets.

Application effect:

  • easing vegetable non-starch polysaccharides negative impact on cattle and poultry organisms (chyme viscosity decrease, fodder gastric transit acceleration).   
  • proteins and carbohydrates assimilation enhancement due to roughage cellulose destruction;
  • digestion enzymes activity increase and replenishment;
  • cattle and poultry digestive ability improvement by lacking or limited enzymatic systems (underdeveloped enzymatic systems in young stock organisms, stresses, etc.)
  • allows using more cheaper raw feedstuff: up to 30% of wheat bran, up to 60% of oats, 30% of sunflower meal, 60% of barley, up to 70% of wheat;   
  • allows achieving zootechnical rates by unbalanced diets no worse than those by corn diets (due to the ability to break down tight cellulose structures of cereal cell membranes of low enzymatic accessibility);  
  • 5-15% weight gain increase allowing 5-10% net costs cut;
  • morbidity rates decrease;
  • allows cutting cattle and poultry growing time till gaining commercial weight;    
  • livestock viability hike.


 Multienzymatic composition MEC-BTU application sheet

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