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Application effect :

  • accelerates the decomposition of organic waste;
  • facilitates to get valuable organic fertilizer in 1-1.5 months with the help of a compost turner (aerator), in 2-2.5 months - with the help of a front-end loader.

Intended use and application:

for accelerated composting of organic waste of industrial, agricultural and domestic origin.


  • the biopreparation with a complex of effective microorganisms and enzymes to accelerate composting;

The application rates of the components for composting of 1 t manure



Cattle manure, pig manure, chicken manure, slaughterhouse waste

1 t

Straw of cereal crops or other carbon component (sawdust, fallen leaves, etc.)

0.15-0.3 t*

Tap or process water

up to 70% in the mixture


0.2-0.5 l

*Depending on the composition and type of compost, the amount of organic matter is calculated individually. Shake the biopreparation before use!
The solution of COMPONAZA should be applied during the day, avoiding direct sunlight. The biopreparation is environmentally safe, harmless to humans, animals and insects, does not irritate the skin and ocular mucosa, and does not form toxic compounds with other substances in the air and waste water.


  • viable effective bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Rodex, fungi of the genus Trichoderma and others, not less than 1.0-109 CFU/cm3.

Storage conditions:

Store in a sealed package, in a dark place.

Shelf life:

12 months at 4 C to 10 C or 6 months at 10 C to 15 C.

The state sanitary and epidemiological certificate No. 05.03.02-04/20909 dd. 23.06.2016


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