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Multi-purpose biological preparation to improve soil fertility and plant nutrition

Application effect:

  • accelerates seed germination and survival of seedlings and saplings;
  • stimulates root development and accelerates plant growth;
  • strengthens the immunity of plants and increases their resistance to diseases;
  • improves nitrogen nutrition of plants;
  • accelerates and extends the flowering stage, improves the ornamentality of plants;
  • increases crop yield, accelerates fruit ripening, and improves their quality.

Intended use and application:

  • treatment of soil before sowing of seeds, transplanting of seedlings of flowers and vegetables, seedlings of fruit and fruit-berry cultures;
  • preparation of soil mixture for growing seedlings of vegetables, flowers and transplanting plants;
  • enrichment of soil mixture and soil with beneficial microflora and growth-stimulating substances;
  • improvement of soil fertility.

Preparation of soil before sowing seeds or planting seedlings (saplings)
Preparing the soil for sowing seeds, growing and transplanting seedlings (saplings), it is necessary to apply the biopreparation AZOTOFIT-t evenly on the soil surface at the rate of 10 g/m2. The preparation has to be incorporated to 5-10 cm depth. The biopreparation AZOTOFIT-t should be applied to the soil each time before starting a new cycle of works.
Preparation of soil mixture for growing seedlings and transplanting plants
Preparation of soil mixture is carried out in stages. First, the calculated application rate of the bioprepartion AZOTOFIT-t (1 g/kg of soil) is carefully stirred in a small amount of soil mixture. Then this portion should be added to the total volume of the soil mixture and thoroughly stirred for uniform distribution of the biopreparation.

Application rates of AZOTOFIT -t


Application rate

Method of treatment

Number of treatments

Vegetables and indoor and outdoor flowers

10 g/m2

Treatment of soil before sowing seeds


10 g/m2

Treatment of soil before planting (transplanting) seedlings


1 g/kg of soil mixture

Treatment of soil mixture before sowing seeds


1 g/kg of soil mixture

Treatment of soil mixture before transplanting seedlings


Fruit seedlings, fruit and berry crops

10 g/m2

Treatment of soil before planting seedlings



Cells of natural nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Azotobacter chroococcum, bacteria biologically active metabolites: amino acids, vitamins, phytohormones, and antifungal substances.

The total number of viable microorganisms of the producer is not less than 5x108 CFU/g


sterile peat.


1 kg and 10 kg.

Storage conditions:

AZOTOFIT-t is to be stored in a dark place at temperature of -20 C to +25 C.

Shelf life:

36 months from the manufacture date.

The state registration certificate: A No. 03130


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