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Bioinsecticide for protection of plants from insect pests, their larvae and mites

Application effect :

  • protects plants from pests;
  • has a long period of effect, does not cause tolerance in pests;
  • does not accumulate in plants and soil;
  • time between treatment and the first signs of its effect is 1-3 days;
  • duration of protective effect up to 14 days.
  • biopreparation of intestinal action.

Intended use and application:

It is recommended to apply for destruction of spider mites, Colorado potato beetle, aphids, white butterflies, codling moths, whiteflies, fruit moths, moth, leaf rollers, geometrid moths, etc. on indoor and outdoor agricultural, horticultural, ornamental crops, plants and flowers. The biopreparation is used to combat the larvae of all ages and adult pests.
Spraying is carried out during the growing season of plants in the presence of pests. Protective measures against aphids should be taken when in case of pest attack on the plant the number of adult insects is not higher than 10%. The interval between treatments is 7-14 days. The biopreparation is used in the form of a working solution prepared on the day of treatment.
The required rate of the preparation is thoroughly stirred in water with temperature of 15 C - 25 C. The working solution should be used immediately after preparation or stored no more than 5 - 6 hours in a dark place.
For outdoor plants, it is preferable to carry out treatment in dry windless weather, avoiding direct sunlight, in the morning or in the evening.
Optimal air temperature for treatment is from 18 C to 35 C. The biopreparation is compatible in tank mixture with adhesives, growth stimulants and other biological and chemical plant protection preparations, except those having an alkaline reaction. Last treatment is carried out in 5 days before harvesting.
It is compatible in tank mixture with other preparations. Confinement of bees - 1 day.

Recommended application rates in integrated and organic farming



Preparation volume*, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha

Treatment period and number of treatments

Vegetables indoor




1-2 treatments in the growing season with intervals of 7-14 days

Melon and cotton aphid

7-8 (10)*


Vegetables outdoor

White butterflies, diamondback moth, cabbage moth, Colorado potato beetle, spider mite

2-5 (7-10)*


1-2 treatments against each generation of pests with intervals of 5-10 days


Cutworms, bugs, cereal chafer, fleas, cereal leaf beetles, leaf rollers, flies, sawflies, gnats, corn worm and meadow moth

2-5 (7-10)*



Leaf-eating cutworms, weevil, Scarce tortoiseshell, gnats, codling moth, bruchid


Cruciferous fleas, rape blossom beetle, leaf beetle, sawflies, white butterflies, leaf-eating cutworms, borers, meadow moth,  bugs

Horticultural and berries

Codling moth, psylla, moth, leaf roller, silk moth, American white butterfly, brown-tail moth, sawflies, gnats, spider mite, aphids

3-7 (10-15)*


Ornamental plants

Silk moth, pine beauty moth

3-7 (10-15)*


*the application rate can be increased to 10-15 l/ha, depending on the number and stage of development of the pest
Shake the preparation before use! When used in tank mixtures, BITOXIBACILIN-BTU is added last


viable cells of Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, endospores - titer 1109 CFU/cm3 and bacteria biologically active metabolites: protein crystals (endotoxins) and heat-stable exotoxin.


1 l, 5 l and 10 l

Storage conditions:

Store in a sealed package, in a dark place.

Shelf life:

12 months at 4 C to 10 C or 6 months at 10 C to 15 C.

The state registration certificate: A No. 03134


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