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For pre-sowing inoculation of seeds of soy, pea and other legumes

Application effect:

  • fixes the atmospheric nitrogen (in symbiosis with legumes) and transforms it into the accessible for plants form;
  • intensifies the process of nodulation;
  • provides plants with growth-stimulating substances (vitamins, phytohormones);
  • increases content of proteins, fats, B vitamins in products;
  • increases the yield of soybeans, peas and other legumes up to 15%;
  • improves soil agrochemical and physical performance;
  • reduces consumption of nitrogen fertilizers.

Intended use and application:

  • pre-sowing inoculation of seeds of soy, pea and other legumes. Seed treatment is possible 30 days before sowing due to RIZOSAVE bioprotector.

Treatment of legume seeds is carried out in one of the ways:

  • just before sowing;
  • 1-7 days before sowing;
  • row fertilization with the inoculant during sowing.

Application features:

  • The biopreparation RIZOLINE is mixed with the bioprotector RIZOSAVE in accordance with the application rates specified in the table.
  • After opening the package, the biopreparation RIZOLINE should be used during the day.
  • The working solution is prepared on the day of treatment; if necessary, it is stored in a cool dark place for no more than 4 hours.
  • Seed treatment is carried out in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • The treated seeds are dried in the shade to a loose state and sown or stored in a premises protected from ultraviolet light.
  • Sowing is carried out in moist soil.
  • Minimum temperature of the biopreparation application is 10 C; the maximum temperature is 30 C.

Features of application with protectants:

Simultaneously with treatment of seeds with the biopreparation RIZOLINE, you can apply biofungicides: MYCOFRIEND, FITOHELP, MYCOHELP, FITOCID or low-toxic protectants permitted for application to legumes.
It is possible to treat seeds with highly toxic seed protectants in 5-7 days before inoculation.
In this case, the application rate of the biopreparation Rizoline should be increased by 30-50%!

Recommended application rates in integrated and organic farming


Seed treatment, 1 t

Row fertilization when sowing, l/ha


Bioprotector RIZOSAVE, l/t of seeds

Working solution, l/t


Working solution, l/ha







Pea and other legumes



Shake the preparation before use!



A concentrate of viable cells of nodule bacteria:

  • Bradyrhizobium japonicum, symbiotic to soy, titer (4.0-6.0) x 109 CFU/cm3;
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum, symbiotic to peas, titer (4.0-6.0) x 109 CFU/cm3; other strains of nodule bacteria that are symbiotic to certain legumes.
  • macro- and micronutrients, bacteria biologically active metabolites (vitamins, heteroauxin, gibberellins, etc.).


1l, 5l, 10 l and 1 kg

Storage conditions:

store in a sealed package, in a dry dark place.

Shelf life:

6 months from the manufacture date at temperature of 4 C - 10 C or 3 months from the manufacture date at temperature of 10 C - 15 C.

The state registration certificate: A No. 05529



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