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immobilized form of pectate-trans-eliminase (pectin-lyase)
high-efficiency macerating enzymatic
fodder additive of new generation


50g, 0.5kg, 2.5kg, 10kg.

Intended use:

  • biologically active additive for cattle and poultry fodder production

Application effect:

  • compensates enzymes lack in cattle and poultry organisms, capable of hydrolyzing vegetable non-starch polysaccharides (protopectin, lignin, hemicelluloses, glucan, arabinoxylan, pentozans, etc.)      
  • inhibits pathogenic microflora development;
  • decreases chyme viscosity and accelerates gastric transit;   
  • breaks up intercellular structures of vegetable feedstock;   
  • improves cereal crops digestibility and their intestinal assimilation by cattle and poultry, increases nutritional value;     
  • enhances growth and productivity rates, hikes livestock viability and feed-grain relationship for all kinds of cattle and poultry;  
  • allows using more cheaper feedstuff (up to 50% of barley, wheat, oats, wheat bran) without productivity decrease;   
  • up to 20% weight gain increase.


 MACERAZA-BTU application sheet


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