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all-purpose bioinsecticide    
for plants protection against
lepidopterous pests larvae

State registration certificate A # 03135


35 ml

Intended use:

  • for flowers, vegetable and horticultural crops, agricultural, medicinal and parkland plants protection against more than 40 species of lepidopterous pests larvae at any stage of plant development.

Application effect:

  • broad-spectrum, selective impact on pests;   
  • long-lasting effect;  
  • does not accumulate in soil and plants, which allows treatment 5 days before harvesting;
  • compatible with biological and chemical growth promoters, pesticides, herbicides (by treatment mixture compounding);  
  • does not build up pests tolerance;
  • does not kill useful entomophages;  
  • safe for people, animals, bees, soils, water reservoirs and environment.


Viable cells of Bacillus thuringiensis var.kurstaki bacteria, endospores and their biologically active metabolites: protein crystals, endotoxins.

Lepidotsyd-BTU-r application sheet

Biopreparation Lepidotsyd-BTU-r state registration certificate


Certificate of registration

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