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for soil improvement and protection from pathogens stairs

Effect of use:

  • Powerful therapeutic and long-term protective action against pathogens: 
  • root rot, blackleg, Alternaria, late blight, rhizoctonia, septoria, fusarium wilt, bacteriosis, etc .; 
  • Stimulates the growth of the root system; 
  • Relieves stress from sudden changes in temperature and drought; 
  • Saves, stores and stores moisture in the soil; 
  • Increases the area of ​​absorption of batteries; 
  • The process of soil remediation occurs due to the suppression of phytopathogens and increase the biological activity of the soil; 
  • Safe for humans, animals and bees; 
  • Increasing soil fertility.

Purpose and application

multifunctional microbial preparation with prolonged fungicidal action to rehabilitate the soil and protect seedlings from pathogens.


the total number of viable microorganisms Bacillus subtillis, Azotobacter, Enterococcus, Enterobacter and fungi Trichoderma 1,0109/g.

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