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Fitotsyd-r for vegetables and fruit

Fitotsyd-r for vegetables and fruit

for vegetables and fruit

State registration certificate A # 02962


10 ml

Intended use:

  • pre-planting seeds treatment of cereal and vegetables crops, potato tubers, onion and garlic;
  • plants immunity reinforcement, increased resistance to diseases;
  • root and foliar extranutrition.

Application effect:

  • accelerates ripening time;
  • increases crop yields and improves products quality;
  • protection against fungous and bacterial diseases;
  • green/contaminants-free products output;
  • ensures phytohormones, vitamins, amino acids, macro- and microelements supply;


Biopreparation based on genuine endophytic bacteria Bacillus subtilis living cells, their active metabolites and nutrition sources.

 Fitotsyd-r (for vegetables and fruit) application sheet

 Biopreparation Fitotsyd-r state registration certificate


Certificate of registration


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