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Biodestructor Unikal-r

Biodestructor Unikal-r

for cesspits, toilets,   
organic wastes composting


35 ml

Intended use:

  • for accelerated utilization of organic wastes (faeces, food and plant wastes) in cesspits, septic tanks, street toilets and drain pipes;   
  • for accelerated plant wastes composting.

Application effect:

  • considerably decreases wastes volume over short time span;
  • improves street toilets and cesspits drainage;
  • cleans out mineral-organic sludge from drainpipes;
  • quickly converts organic wastes into fertilizers enriched by useful microflora and biologically active substances;
  • removes stench in 3-5 days.


Complex of high-performance microorganisms and enzymes

Unikal-r application sheet


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