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Biocomplex-BTU all-purpose

Biocomplex-BTU all-purpose


State registration certificate A # 03133


15 ml

Intended use:

  • pre-planting seeds treatment of vegetable crops;
  • vegetable and tree seedlings treatment prior to planting;
  • root and foliar nutrition;
  • protection against fungous and bacterial diseases;
  • soil useful microflora recovery.

Application effect:

  • uniform shoots emergence acceleration, seeds germinating capacity boost;   
  • plants protection against a wide range of disease agents without habituation effect;  
  • vegetable and tree seedlings survival rates increase;
  • hiked resistance to adverse factors (drought, temperature fluctuations) and pesticides impact;
  • balanced micro- and macro-elements rich nutrition of plants, phytohormones and vitamins supply;
  • plants development improvement and ripening time cut;
  • products chemical composition enhancement (nitrates content decrease; proteins, starch, carbohydrates and vitamins content increase);
  • fruit palatability improvement;
  • 10-30% crops yields increase;
  • 15-30% mineral fertilizers, pesticides and microelement consumption cut;
  • soil fertility enhancement.


  • genuine nitrogen-fixing bacteria;
  • broad-spectrum fungicide bacteria;
  • phosphor- and potassium-mobilizing soil bacteria;  
  • other useful bacteria (lacto and symbiotic bacteria) and their active metabolites;    phytohormones, vitamins, fungicides, amino acids, macro- and microelements.

Biocomplex-BTU (all-purpose) application sheet

Biocomplex-BTU (all-purpose) state registration certificate


Certificate of registration


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