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Bioadhesive Liposam

Bioadhesive Liposam

adhesive agent for crops protection and nutrition means


 5 ml, 10 ml, 280 ml, 500 ml, 8 ml

Intended use:

  • pre-planting seeds, potato tubers, and bulbs treatment;
  • seedlings and other planting stock roots soaking;  
  • plants spraying during vegetation in combination with crops protection and nutrition means.

Application effect: 

seeds and planting stock treatment:

  • fixes biopreparations and other protection and nutrition means on the planting stock, ensures close contact with the treated surface;    
  • forms flexible protective film preserving moisture without damaging natural seeds membranes and hampering natural development processes (breathing and photosynthesis);    
  • retains moisture in the root system and foliage.

vegetating plants spraying:

  • facilitates soaking plants with waxy surface;
  • improves herbicides, fungicides and insecticides efficiency;
  • protects vegetating plants against sun burns, droughts, withering;
  • facilitates full macro- and microelements assimilation by foliar nutrition as well as 30% consumption cut;  
  • ensures 1.5-2 times pesticides and other preparations consumption cut maintaining their efficiency.


Genuine sticking biopolymers blend

Liposam application sheet


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