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Azotofit-t, all-purpose

Azotofit-t, all-purpose

all-purpose bioactivator    
for plants extra-nutrition

State registration certificate A # 03130


15 g

Intended use:

  • extranutrition of garden and house plants, flowers of open and closed cultivation type, vegetable and horticultural crops, fruit trees seedlings;
  • potting mix compounding for growing/replanting vegetable crops seedlings, flowers.

Application effect:

  • improves nitrogen nutrition;
  • accelerates seeds germination and enhances seedlings survival;  
  • promotes root system development and accelerates plants growth;
  • improves garden and house plants decorative look, prolongs blossoming;
  • blossoming and ripening acceleration;
  • reinforces plants immunity and increases resistance to diseases;  
  • suppress pathogenic microflora growth;
  • increases crop yields and improves products quality;
  • ensures soil natural fertility enhancement and recovery after adverse chemical impact.


Cells of genuine nitrogen-fixing Azotobacter chroococcum bacteria capable of fixing nitrogen from atmosphere and feeding it to plants as well as of producing growth-promoting substances (nicotinic and pantothenic acids, pyridoxine, biotin, heteroauxin, gibberellins, etc.) and generating fungicide substances.

Azotofit-t (all-purpose) application sheet

Biopreparation Azotofit-t state registration certificate


Certificate of registration


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