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Azotofit-r for plants extra-nutrition

Azotofit-r for plants extra-nutrition

all-purpose biopreparation for plants extra-nutrition

State registration certificate A # 02961


35 ml

Intended use:

  • pre-planting seeds treatment of cereal, leguminous and oil crops, beets, corn, vegetables, flowers and potato tubers;
  • vegetable, horticultural crops and tree seedlings roots soaking;
  • root and foliar nutrition of cereal, leguminous and oil crops, beets, vegetables, potato tubers,  berries and flowers.

Application effect:

  • accelerates seeds germination and enhances seedlings survival;  
  • promotes root system development and accelerates plants growth;
  • reinforces plants immunity and resistance to diseases as well as adverse factors and pesticides impact;  
  • increases productivity, accelerates ripening, improves fruit quality.  
  • increases yield capacity and improves palatability;    
  • reduces the number of treatments due to compatibility with other protection and nutrition preparations;  
  • enhances mineral nutrition, cuts applied mineral fertilizers volumes (in particular, nitrogen fertilizers);
  • sanifies soil and improves its natural fertility.


Living cells of genuine nitrogen-fixing Azotobacter chroococcum bacteria and their active metabolites: enzymes, vitamins, phytohormones, fungicide agents, macro- and microelements.

Azotofit-r (all-purpose) application sheet

Biopreparation Azotofit-r state registration certificate


Certificate of registration


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