BTU-Center runs its own production facilities and has been for 15 years already producing microbial preparations for plants nutrition and protection under the supervision of highly skilled experts. Strict compliance with the imposed sanitary, hygienic and technological regulations pushes forward our sales market boundaries both across Ukraine and abroad.  

Year by year we build up and develop our production capacities. Thus in 2007, for instance, we launched a new products packing line for the household sector. BTU-Center is constantly implementing experimental, research and development, laboratory and pilot projects to elaborate new biopreparation forms and improve application techniques.       

BTU-Center takes active part in Ukraines environmental policy development and improvement as well as ensures strict compliance with the HSE regulations. Our production and output are environmentally safe fully complying with the related environmental standards. In order to contribute to the current environmental conditions we promote recyclable non-expendable packing and tare. We try to change for better both ourselves and those we work with.       


Our key business principles:

  • Guaranteed products quality and safety

  • Operational health and security

  • Environmentally oriented production