About us

BTU-CENTER Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial and enzyme products for agriculture. It produces products for plant protection and nutrition, soil recovery, biological product for cattle farming, and others. In general,  BTU-CENTER has developed more than 50 biological products. Its products are allowed in organic agriculture − this is confirmed by Organic Standard certificate (recognized in the EU). BTU-CENTER Company is the only Ukrainian company recognized by the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association, Switzerland.

Fertile soil, healthy and rich harvest is a big goal of BTU-CENTER. High-skilled agronomists, biotechnologists, biochemists of the country work to bring it to life. Agronomists provide free consultations and, if necessary, develop cultivation technologies, taking into account all farm features. BTU-CENTER can produce 10 000 t of biological products per year. More than 3 mln ha of arable land are treated with BTU-CENTER products. BTU-CENTER has its own enterprise-based production, logistic park and a R&D department – Institute of Applied Biotechnology. 

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