We are happy to welcome you on the official web site of biotechnological goods producer – BTU-Centre!


• We know our business very well.

• We know what is required on the domestic market.

• We have a team of skilled specialists.

• We believe and hope that people need everything we create and produce.

Main spheres of activity:

Conduction of research scientific work;
Working partnership with scientific institutions, agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and so on;
Development of different forms of biopreparations:

- for the needs of agriculture (preparations for plant growing, forage additive for animal husbandry);
- for the solution of ecological problems;
- for the intensification of oil and gas production;
Advisory and methodological assistance in the employment of biotechnological products.

All preparation are of domestic manufacture which:
- are minutely studied in research institutes;
- have hygienic conclusions of the State sanitation expertise;
- are protected by patents (more than 30 items);
- are produced according to our own manufacturing methods at certified factories, with the quality control of raw materials and ready-made products exercised in certified laboratories.

All biopreparations are ecologically safe, are not dangerous for people, animals and insects!

We are always ready for cooperation and partnership.

Currently, we work over agricultural project aimed at aiding people to get wholesome, natural agricultural products.

Our motto:
Do everything for a full due!

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