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For inoculation of soya, pea and other grain legume seeds

Application effect:

  • active tubercules formation;
  • bacteria fix free nitrogen and convert it into the assimilable form;
  • ensures 17-21% crops yields increase;
  • synthesis of growth-promoting substances (vitamins, heteroauxin, gibberellins and so on).
  • increases protein and group B vitamins content in products.

Intended use and application:

For preplanting grain legume seeds treatment:

  • Seeds treatment is carried out via the biopreparation working solution sprinkling on the day of sowing.
  • Bioinoculant-BTU-r® working solution is prepared on the day of treatment and, if needed, stored in the cool place for no longer than 4 hours. The treated seeds are sowed immediately or dried in a shadow to bulky free-flowing state. Any standard equipment can be applied for seeds treatment.
  • Minimal and maximal application temperature for this biopreparation accounts respectively for 10 °С and 30 °С.

Using biopreparation with chemical treaters:
Low-toxic legume treaters may be used together with inoculants. Seeds may be treated with the potent chemical preparations only within 5-7 days before inoculation. In this case the biopreparation consumption rate should be increased by 30-50%.

Non-toxic for humans, animals and insects!
Wash off the preparation thoroughly if contacting skin or eyes.

Recommended consumption rates


Seeds treatment, 1/t


2.0-3.0 l/t


2.0-3.0 l/t


Symbiotic tubercular bacteria naturally and symbiotically related to soya, pea and other grain legumes. Bioactive products of tubercular bacteria vital activity (vitamins, phytohormones: heteroauxins, gibberellins), nutrient medium components (macro- and microelements, etc.). Total amount of viable microorganisms: at least (2 - 6)х109 CFU/cm3.


1 l, 5 l, 10 l

Storage conditions:

The biopreparation is stored in hermetically sealed package in a dry dark place.

Guaranteed storage life:

6 months from the production date at 4 °С to 10 °С temperature

State registration certificate A # 03131


Publications on the topic

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