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for accelerated composting of organic wastes of industrial, agricultural and domestic origin

Application effect:

  • accelerates decomposition of organic wastes;
  • neutralizes toxic matter under the impact of detoxicant microorganisms;   
  • suppresses the development of pathogenic bacteria due to the antagonistic microorganisms activity;
  • enables obtaining the effective organic fertilizer in 1-1.5 months. The produced biocompost enriches soil with nutrients, enhances its structure and fertility.

Intended use and application:

Composting allows obtaining the humified substratum enriched with the useful microflora, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, microelements. It can be used as a fertilizer for various agricultural crops, which enhances the conditions for growing and nutrition, enriching soil with nutrients.
Shake before use.

Consumption rates for composting 1 ton of manure



Cattle manure

1 t

Grain straw or other carbonic components (sawdust, leaf litter, etc.)

0.15-0.2 t

Piped or technical water

up to getting 70% in the mix


0.25-0.5 l

The biopreparation is environmentally safe, harmless for people, animals and insects. It does not irritate skin or eyes upon contact as well as does not form toxic compounds with other substances in the air and waster water.


Purposefully selected composition of living cells and spores of natural useful microorganisms.

Organic components for Biocompost:

Pig manure
Cattle manure
Chicken manure
Carbon-bearing household wastes:
peat, straw, etc.

Guaranteed storage life:

group 1: 12 months at 4°C to 10°C or 6
months at 10°C to 15 °C temperature.
group 2: 24 months at 4°C to 15°C

Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination: №05.03.02-04/20909 as of 23.06.2016

Publications on the topic

The Ukrainian Farmer, 2017