RIZOLINE -r + bioprotector Rizosave-r NEW OFFER!

RIZOLINE -r + bioprotector Rizosave-r NEW OFFER!

for pre-planting inoculation of soya, peas and other leguminous seeds

Application effect:

  • accelerates the processes of tubercles formation;
  • provides nitrogen assimilable by plants;
  • supplies plants with growth-promoting substances (vitamins, phytohormones);
  • increases protein, fat and vitamins content;
  • increases leguminous crops yields;
  • enhances agrochemical and physical properties of soil;
  • provides plants with biological nitrogen.

Intended use and application:

  • For preplanting inoculation of soya and pea seeds.
  • Bioinoculant Rizoline-r is mixed with Rizosave component in 1:1 proportion.
  • Rizoline-r is to be used within 24 hours after the package is unsealed.
  • The working solution is prepared on the day of treatment, and, if needed, stored in the cool dark place for no more than 4-6 hours.
  • The treated seeds stock is dried in the shadowed place to make it free-flowing and is sowed within the next 7 days.
  • Seeds should be sowed into the wet soil. The minimal and maximal temperature for the preparation use accounts respectively for 10 and 30 . Shake up the preparation before use!
Using biopreparation with chemical dressers:
Bioinoculant Rizoline-r is not compatible with the potent chemical dressers in the tank mixture. It is allowed to treat seeds with the potent chemical dressers in 5-7 days before inoculation. In this case Rizoline-r consumption rate should be increased by 30-50%.
Bioinoculant Rizoline-r can be applied with other growth-stimulating and antimicrobial biopreparations, adhesive bio-agents and microelements.
Seeds should be treated in the shadow avoiding direct sunlight.
Precautions: wash off the preparation if contacting skin or eyes.

Recommended consumption rates


Rizoline-r consumption rates

Rizosave component




Pea, beans, chick-pea, haricot, peavine, lupine, lentil, lucern, etc.




Concentrate of viable cells of tubercular bacteria standing in a unique symbiotic relation to soya, pea and other legume plants as well as biologically active metabolites of tubercular bacteria (vitamins, phytohormones: heteroauxin, gibberellins).


1 l, 5 l, 10 l and 1 kg (turf form).

Storage conditions:

Stored in hermetically sealed package in a dark place separately from pesticides.

Guaranteed storage life:

12 months at 1 to 5 temperature;
6 months at 5 to 10 temperature;
3 months at 10 to 15 temperature;

State registration certificate A # 0313

Publications on the topic

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