Research and Development

Implementation of innovational efforts is a key development factor for any company. That is why research and development work as well as investments in future are always in our focus.  

Active cooperation with Ukrainian scientific institutions and agricultural companies backs our professional development. Our partners among the other list:

  • national agricultural universities (in Vinnytsa and Uman);
  • scientific institutes (Kyiv institute of agriculture, gardening, plants protection and agroecology of Ukraines Academy of Agriculture; Yuryevs crop farming institute in Kharkiv).

BTU-Center annually holds scientific and practical conferences and seminars to share experience and results of its biopreparations efficiency research and production.

Constant research and development efforts of our laboratory staff enable BTU-Center to implement the new fruitful ideas. High professionalism and creative potential of our microbiologists is a cornerstone of our production aimed at the efficient and high-quality biopreparations for plants nutrition and protection. We are active to monitor the market needs and constantly enlarge the offered products range already having over 48 patents. 


Our products quality is confirmed by a number of awards, diplomas and certificates including:

  • Labor glory and National business leader medals of International Rating Academy Golden Fortune for Sizable contribution to the development of microbiological synthesis biotechnologies and high professionalism; 

  • Golden medal for Stubble biodestructor and Ekostern application techniques for soil fertility enhancement;

  • Switzerland IMO certificate confirming that BTU-Centers TM products are admissible for organic agriculture.