Activity Areas

For over 15 years of operation at Ukrainian market BTU-Center has become a renowned leading producer of biopreparations for plants nutrition and protection. Still originally our story evolved a bit different way.

O&G industry

At the beginning we had developed a biological approach to the rehabilitation of ecosystems damaged as a result of oil and gas production. Ever since our key objective implied environmental conditions improvement using biological preparations: 

  • Crude oil contaminants destructor Rodex;

  • Sorbent pads and booms.

Enhanced O&G recovery

BTU-Center had also started production of microbial biopolymers, process liquids and water-proof screens for enhanced oil and gas recovery.


The rapid development of agricultural biotechnologies allowed humanity to reassess the formerly used plants protection techniques. Yet back at the beginning of the 20th century massive pesticides production reassured us that the long-standing plants protection problem was finally solved. Still later we understood that were vain hopes. The lingering chemical war with pestilent organisms triggered the so-called “pesticide boomerang” process: the more widely pesticides were used the faster there appeared new resistant forms of pests which were more phytopathogenic and aggressive.     

On the other hand biological approach guarantees healthy and high-quality crops and moreover it is absolutely harmless and lost-free. BTU-Center offers a range of highly effective biopreparations for crops and cattle farming:

Crop Farming








Cattle Farming

Bioconserving agent for ensilaging

Enzyme fodder additive MEK-BTU

Enzyme fodder additive Matseraza