Questions and Answers about Liposam

1. What is the feasibility of Liposam in plant?

Answer: Liposam prolongs the action of drugs for feeding and protection - herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, preserves the effectiveness of their actions. Settling drugs on the plant, Liposam can reduce the number of treatments during the growing season. Liposam as sticking saves money in the application of pesticides by reducing their dose by 25-30%. Each invested 1 UAH brings 2-5 UAH income. And the main result is the reduction of hazardous substances in products grown due to lower doses of pesticides. Liposam as biokley is designed to save 7-12 UAH to invested 1 UAH.

2. What is the gist of anti-stressed effect of the application Liposam?

Answer: There are various stressful effects on the plant: treatment of pesticides, drought, solar burn and others. It causes disastrous consequence: delayed growth and development of the plant. Liposam adsorbs on a drug components, distributes them across the surface of the plant. So it eliminates the possibility of local action of chemicals. But what is the most important – Liposam causes as a protective cream during drought and effect of solar pernicious influence.

3. Can I use Liposam after the warranty expiration date?

Answer: If Liposam sealed in packaging products and after its opening the appearance and the consistence of the drug meet quality certificate and instructions for use the drug is usable.

4. Is it worth to use Liposam for seed treatment?

Answer: Of course, it is worth. During the pre-treatment of seeds it is important to fix disinfectants and biological products, plant growth regulators on the surface in order they not crumble. In addition, Liposam covers the seed by pellicile and it helps to retain moisture longer and to protect against stressful situations.

5. Is it permitted to use Liposam simultaneously with chemical means of protection?

Answer: Liposam compatibles with all crop protection in the form of aqueous solutions. Using drugs on organic basis it is necessary to make test for mixing.